DiDi Advance Driver Program

Until updated or replaced in accordance with the DiDi Mobility (Australia) Pty Ltd in Australia (DiDi) Driver Agreement this DiDi Advance Driver Program applies to all trips undertaken by driver partners registered in any city where DiDi Advance applies including trips in another city where DiDi Advance does not apply, but not in relation to fees for a DiDi Share trip. For further details on fees applicable to DiDi Share, please refer to the Fee Schedule.


As a DiDi driver, you will be allocated a DiDi Advance Level on Monday each week based on your driver metrics in the previous week. At a minimum you will be allocated as the silver level. Your metrics will be measured by the Driver Program Metrics which will be based on a variety of factors such as Acceptance Rate, Completion Rate and trip numbers in each calendar week as communicated to you in the DiDi Driver App.The DiDi Services Fee percentage does not apply to certain additional fees payable by a Passenger that either you or DiDi are wholly entitled to, such as the levy fee, cancellation fee, toll fee, compulsory third party insurance (if applicable) and any other fee imposed by DiDi from time to time such as the Confirmation Fee, as updated.This document must be read in conjunction with the DiDi Advance Terms.Capitalised terms used in this DiDi Advance Driver Program document that are not defined here have the same meaning given to them in the Driver Agreement, unless the context requires otherwise.Last update: July 2021

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