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All Drivers have the opportunity to take home more of the fare with DiDi’s industry-leading low Services Fees

  • Increase Your Earning Potential: Low Services Fees

  • Safety First: Access in-app safety features and our 24/7 dedicated support team

  • Be in Control: Pick up nearby riders or choose the location you want to drive in

  • Weekly Payouts: Get paid weekly and earn flexibly

DiDi Australia

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Safe, reliable and affordable rides are a tap away

  • Enjoy low fares everyday

  • Get matched to a nearby driver in minutes

  • Added peace of mind with in-app safety features

  • Give drivers more of the fare with DiDi

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Available in 28 Cities

DiDi is now available in 28 cities across Australia. From north, south, east and west - we’ve got you covered. Check here to see a full list of the cities we are currently operating.

Low Fares

Good for you, good for drivers

DiDi’s industry leading Services Fees means a greater share of the fare goes into the Drivers' pocket.

Your safety comes first

Your safety is our top priority, learn more about the safety features available in the DiDi app so you can use them any time you need to.

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