What is DiDi Delivery?

DiDi Centro de Ayuda

DiDi Delivery is an on-demand delivery service allowing Australians to send and receive parcels – all delivered by DiDi drivers. Individuals and businesses can request delivery of items across your cities anywhere, anytime. On-demand DeliveryArrange a Delivery on-demand with DiDi Drivers ready to pick up your parcel for delivery in minutes. No pre-booking needed!Low Delivery Fares starting from $6*Get an instant estimate for your delivery fare in your DiDi app. Fares start from as low as $6*.*Minimum fare may differ by city.Live Parcel TrackingWith “share trip”, both you and the recipient will be able to track your delivery in real-time.

Making a Delivery Request

Enter the drop-off location in the destination bar of your DiDi app and select DiDi Delivery to get an estimate for the delivery fare. If you’re arranging a pick up at a different place to where you are located, you’ll need to manually enter the pick-up location too. Parcel already to go? Tap confirm.

Connect to a nearby Delivery driver

You’ll be matched to a Delivery driver in minutes and see their name and car details in the app. Just like when you book a ride with us.

Direct Parcel Pickup

Match the Delivery driver’s details in the app and be ready to meet your driver with your parcel. Share the recipient’s first name with the driver so that they can confirm upon delivery.

Share Parcel Tracking

To help the recipient track the delivery and be ready for collection, share the trip live with the recipient by entering their mobile number in your DiDi app. For privacy reasons, the Delivery driver is not given and the recipient’s name or phone number through the app and will not be able to contact them directly, so it’s important that you notify the recipient directly using the Share Trip feature so live updates can be viewed in realtime.

Parcel Drop-off

Ensure that the parcel recipient is ready at the drop-off location to receive the parcel directly from the driver. See FAQ section if the recipient is unavailable for pick up

In-app Payment 

Once the parcel is delivered, the delivery fee will be charged using your preferred payment method in the app. Head to the DiDi app and get those documents, groceries, sourdough starter or birthday present delivered today!