Undelivered Alcohol, Tobacco & Age-restricted Items

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Step 1: Gather all items for Return

The full delivery order must be loaded into your car for return, including the recipient’s non-age restricted item(s). For example: Jane ordered cigarettes and doughnuts. However, upon delivery of the items Jane was unable to show a valid ID. You will then need to return both the cigarettes and doughnuts to the store.  STEP 02

Step 2: Contact Store

Tap on the age verification banner to ‘Contact Store’ and start the returns process with the store. 

Step 3: Get SMS Instructions

You’ll receive an SMS to the mobile number connected to your DiDi account to give you further instructions on your undelivered item(s). STEP 04

Step 4: Return Immediately

In the instance where you receive instructions to return the item(s) to store, ‘Go Offline’ in the DiDi app and follow instructions to return the item(s) immediately.  You will be paid for the return-to-sender trip.

Step 5: Payment for the Return Trip

You will be paid for the return trip and will receive payment in your next weekly payment cycle.

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