STEP 05 Drop-off at Doorstep

DiDi Centro de Ayuda

When delivering Alcohol, Tobacco and other age restricted items, the recipient must collect the order in-person – you cannot leave them unattended. In addition, you must:  

  • Ask the recipient for ID upon delivery and verify that they are over 18 and that the person collecting the item(s) matches the ID. 

  • If alcohol, check that the recipient is not drunk before handing over the items.

  • Follow the prompts in the app to confirm the recipient is over 18 and mark the delivery order as complete.  

  • What if the recipient was underage, had no ID or was drunk? You must refuse to leave the age-restricted item(s) and return the item(s) to the customer (sender). You may be fined significant amounts for delivering alcohol or tobacco to underage people.


    Please note:


    You will be paid for both the delivery and the return-to-sender trips. 

For Non-age Restricted items: 

  • Drop off the item(s) to the recipient at the given address.