How to stay safe on the road?

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Your safety comes first 

At DiDi, safety comes first. We’re continually improving our service and safety standards to provide our community with the best possible experience. 

Whilst you are on the road, it’s important that you feel at ease while driving. 

DiDi’s continued commitment to technological innovations ensure that we continue to enhance our safety features.


Exceeding local government regulations

DiDi enforces all local government regulations. 

All drivers must pass our background checks and document verification before being accredited to drive in the state they are driving in. 

There are driving hour limitations in the DiDi Driver app to combat driver fatigue.  

All vehicles must not exceed the set age of the state they are driving in and must pass an initial inspection and their annual vehicle inspection.  


Partnering up with law enforcement

DiDi cooperates with law enforcement agencies with all investigation matters. 


Community Guidelines

We want to look out for each and every member of the DiDi ridesharing community. 

The DiDi Community Guidelines assists in ensuring that drivers and riders are safe, respected and comfortable while using the DiDi app. 


Listening to the DiDi Ridesharing Community 

At DiDi, we are always looking for opportunities to improve.

We continually listen to DiDi drivers and riders to continuously improve our technology, innovation, service and user experience. 


How we handle safety incidents

We take all reports of safety incidents seriously. 

DiDi’s 24/7 Incident Response Team will assist you whenever you need them to make decisions that keep our ridesharing community safe. 

The DiDi Incident Response Team has been specifically trained to handle all types of cases with fairness, empathy and care. The DiDi Incident Response Team ensures that incidents are properly investigated with a thorough review and fair outcomes. 


Driver Safety Features 

The DiDi driver app has been built to help keep you safe so you can focus on driving up your earnings. 

From the moment you get online to when you reach your destination, you have access to our 24/7 Incident Response Team and over 10 in-built safety features.

While you are on the road it is important that you feel at ease while driving. 


Safety checks before every trip

Preview Destination before acceptance

Before accepting a trip you can preview the destination to make sure you know where you are going at all times. 


Preview Rider Profiles, Rating and Trip Frequency

View riders’ name, profile picture, ratings and trip frequency before accepting the trip 


Driver Fatigue Prevention 

8 hour breaks after every 13 hours of accumulative online hours.


Driver Facial Verification

Facial verification is used to secure your account against any unwanted activity. This matches a picture of you against your profile picture to make sure that it is you logging into your driver account and not someone else. 



Filter trips to female passengers only (available to female drivers only).


Safety checks during every trip 

Trusted Contacts and Share your trip 

Our live GPS tracking allows you to share your trip with Trusted Contacts. You can add trusted contacts to track your live location. This can be found in the Safety Toolkit. 


SOS Emergency Button 

With the tap of a button, you can quickly contact emergency services. Your live location details will also be shown in-app for easy reference. 



If anything unusual is detected during your trip, we’ll check in on you when sudden stops and unusual turns are detected.


Safety checks after every trip 

24/7 Incident Response Team 

We want you to feel safe while driving. If you ever feel unsafe, get assistance from DiDi’s Incident Response Team 24/7. 


Anonymised Private Numbers

When a driver and rider contact each other regarding a trip, whether that be before or after, phone numbers will be anonymised to protect your contact details.


Unmatch with Rider

If you think that any of your riders were not up to standard, you can now unmatch with a particular rider so you will never receive a trip request from them again. 


Driving Safe and Preventing Fatigue

Driving for an extensive period without adequate breaks increases the risk of incidents or accidents related to fatigue. It is important to know the signs of fatigue and understand how you can better manage fatigue in the DiDi Driver App.

Common signs of fatigue

  • Excessive yawning

  • Heavy eyes

  • Stiffness or cramps

  • Microsleeps (sudden, uncontrollable episodes of sleep lasting up to 10 seconds).


How fatigue affects your driving?

Fatigue increases your chance of having an accident. It affects your driving by causing:

  • Slower reaction times while driving

  • Lack of concentration

  • Poor judgement while driving.


Research has shown that fatigue can have a similar effect on your driving performance as being intoxicated. 

Fatigue is one of the major causes of mortality on Australian roads. It is estimated around 20-30 percent of all fatal accidents in Australia happen because of fatigue or tiredness while driving.

Fatigue is not just extreme exhaustion, it also includes tiredness that affects the mental and physical ability to function while driving on the road. Fatigue reduces a Driver’s attentiveness and alertness to danger, slower reaction times while driving, and can lead to microsleep while being on the road.


Driver In-App Reminders

To help comply with our Safety obligations, the DiDi Driver App keeps you aware of how many hours you have spent online. The Fatigue Prevention feature will take you offline for 8 consecutive hours if you have been online for 13 cumulative hours. 

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