How do I request a Cleaning Fee?

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If a rider makes a mess / damages your vehicle and this prevents you from accepting further trip requests, you can request a Cleaning Fee to help cover the cost of cleaning. Please note: if the rider has a valid reason for disputing this fee, then you may not be able to receive the Cleaning Fee.


To request a Cleaning Fee, please contact Customer Support and provide us with all of the following information:

  • The trip details;

  • Where the mess occurred and what kind of mess it was;

  • Photos of the mess / damage (these must be taken from multiple angles);

  • A photo of the cleaning receipt from a professional cleaning company (must be provided within 7 days and include a valid ABN).


Once we’ve received all of the above information, we’ll determine the severity of the mess / damage based on the following criteria:

Level 1:$20 - INSIDE the vehicle, small amounts of liquid such as coffee, grease from food, other drinks (excluding water), sand or dirt on floor mats.

Level 2:$21 - $40 - OUTSIDE the vehicle, significant mess such as bodily fluids (e.g. vomit), paint, or extensively sticky or staining liquid messes (excluding water), gum and other sticky materials which require an exterior car wash.

Level 3:$41.00 - $80.00 -INSIDE the vehicle, significant liquid messes including coffee, greasy food, drinks (excluding water), or gum and other sticky materials which require steam cleaning and special products.

Level 4:$81.00 - $150.00 - INSIDE the vehicle, extensive liquid and smelly messes including bodily fluids (e.g. vomit / blood) which requires detail and/or steam cleaning, as well as airing and/or drying for long periods of time.



The amounts shown above represent the maximum amounts that can apply. 

The Cleaning Fee amount will be based on the information provided and also will be decided according to our cleaning fee policy. This amount may be more or less than the amount of the professional cleaning you received. 

We’ll also review your trip history to verify that you were unable to continue accepting trip requests as a result of the mess / damage. 

If the rider lodges a dispute, or you request multiple Cleaning Fees, we’ll review the situation carefully. Please keep in mind that attempting to obtain a Cleaning Fee by dishonest or fraudulent means is against our Anti-Fraud Policy and may result in account suspension / deactivation.

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