How Completion Rate (CR) works

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Why do I need to maintain a high Completion Rate (CR)?

At DiDi we believe a high CR provides our riders with a reliable ridesharing service. For this reason, we have set a minimum CR for each city in which DiDi operates. If a rider cancels the trip for one of the following reasons, your CR may be affected:

– You didn’t arrive at the pickup point on time 

– You didn’t make enough progress towards the rider / pickup point

– You started the trip before picking up the rider


What happens if my CR falls below my city’s minimum requirement?

Your Weekly Completion Rate (WCR) is calculated every Monday. If your WCR falls below the Minimum Requirement, you’ll receive a reminder. Your account may also be temporarily suspended. If your WCR is below the Minimum Requirement for four (4) consecutive weeks, your account will unfortunately be deactivated.

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