How can I improve my rating?

DiDi Centro de Ayuda

We asked riders what they appreciate most about drivers, here’s what they valued most:

  • When drivers are friendly and greet riders when they get in and out of the car

  • When drivers offer to assist riders with luggage, without having to ask

  • Riders really enjoy being offered treats such as chewing gum, water and charging cables during the trip

  • When drivers ask if riders have preferred routes or if they would prefer to follow the GPS

  • Clean and tidy cars with minimal odours —You can also find specific rider feedback in your app, under Account > Star Rating.

The following guidelines can also help you stay on top of your rating:

★ Social Cues on Cue

  • Always offer a friendly greeting to riders

  • Keep conversations polite & appropriate

  • Extra tip: Ask riders if there is a radio station they prefer

★ Squeaky Clean Wheels

  • Keep your vehicle clean and free of strong smells

  • Ensure essential functions are working properly

★ Smooth, Safe and Responsible Driving

  • Always follow the speed limit and road rules

  • Ensure riders wear their seatbelt

  • Take regular breaks and avoid fatigue

★ 5-Star Service, 5-Star Rating

  • Arrive at the pickup point on time

  • Check with riders for their preferred route

  • Remind riders to take their belongings 

  • Notify riders of any necessary tolls or fees

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