How are trip fares calculated?

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Fares are calculated by the following:

  • Base Fare: A flat fare charged once the rider enters the vehicle  and you start the trip.  

  • Distance Fare: A fare that is charged based on the distance travelled. This fare may vary depending on the city and the threshold distance. An extra charge may be applicable after a specific distance.

  • Time Fare: A fare charged for the duration of the trip (from pickup to drop off). This includes time your driver spent waiting for you and time spent in traffic. This includes the time your driver spent waiting for you and time spent in traffic, etc and may vary depending on the city.

  • Short Distance Fee: Applicable to trips that are less than 7 km (Brisbane and Geelong only).

  • GST / other relevant taxes. 

Other charges may include:

  • Tolls

  • State Government Transport Levy

  • CTP Insurance Premium 

  • Waiting Fees

  • Cancellation Fees

  • Changes to the Base Fare because of Dynamic Pricing periods

Please note: Trip fares vary by each State and Territory in Australia. Visit our Legal section for more information.

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