How Acceptance Rate (AR) works

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Why do I need to maintain a high Acceptance Rate (AR)?

At DiDi, we believe a high AR provides our riders with a reliable ridesharing service. Your AR is calculated on a daily basis and may decrease if you: 

– Exceed a trip request’s response time

– Skip or decline a trip request

Please note: your AR will not be affected if the rider cancels the trip request within the request’s time limit. 


What happens if I decline too many trip requests?

We understand that you may need to decline a trip request from time to time. However, please keep in mind that declining too many requests can affect riders’ experience. If you feel that you are unable to continue accepting trips, we recommend that you go offline. Please note: if we detect that you have declined or ignored too many requests in a day, we may place a temporary suspension on your account.

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