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Why can’t I receive airport trip requests? 

To receive airport trip requests, you’ll need to accept the relevant terms and conditions of the Airport. You can find them in Settings > Legal. Once complete, you’ll be notified of any airport trips in the DiDi-Driver app.

Please note: always ensure you pick up a rider in the designated Rideshare Pickup / Holding areas.


Where are the Rideshare Pickup / Holding Areas located?

Most airports have their own designated area for rideshare services. Upon entering the airport area, simply follow the signs. If you have any trouble, we suggest viewing the website of the relevant airport for more details. 


What happens if I wait in the airport queue but only receive a short trip? 

After you receive and complete the short trip request, if you return to the airport within 12 hours you will be placed in a priority queue. Only drivers who have completed short trips will be placed in the priority queue.(Please note: short trip means that the actual traveled distance ≤12km)


Why did I lose my place in the queue?

If you leave the queue, you will automatically lose your position. We recommend staying in place to avoid losing your spot!

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