Delivery Restrictions for Personal Item(s)

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Size restrictions

DiDi Delivery suggests the following limits for delivery:

  • Maximum number of items 6 (bags / boxes)

  • Maximum weight limit of 20kg per item

  • Maximum item volume: 60 x 60 x 60 cm

Delivery drivers may cancel a request if they have difficulty lifting any items, delivery exceeds size guidelines or are asked to pick up prohibited goods.  When accepting a Delivery request, we recommend calling the customer to confirm the type of items (contents, weight, size) being delivered.

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Prohibited Items

You should not complete Delivery requests that involve or relate to any of the following:

  • Any unlawful, illegal, fraudulent, hazardous, or harmful items or activities, including those relating to weapons and drugs.

  • Any misleading, deceptive, unethical or immoral activities;

  • Any items or activities contrary to DiDi Australia’s values; or

  • Any items or activity that in DiDi Australia’s opinion may cause reputational damage or harm to DiDi Australia.

For a detailed list of prohibited items refer to this link.

Is the list of prohibited items an exhaustive list?

The list of prohibited items is a non-exhaustive list of the types of things that cannot be delivered via DiDi Delivery. You should also exercise your own reasonable judgment as to what is acceptable.

Can I inspect the items before loading it into my vehicle?

You should inspect (but not open) any parcels you collect to make sure they are not damaged.  If they are, before you accept them discuss this with the customer.

What if I feel uncomfortable with handling an item?

If you have any apprehensions or are uncomfortable with handling any items that are not on the prohibited items list, you can contact the customer directly to discuss further.

If you are still apprehensive or uncomfortable, you can inform the sender and cancel the order.

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