Making rideshare more affordable

Making rideshare more affordable
DiDi Australia & New Zealand
DiDi Australia and New Zealand capping Service Fees at 15%.

At DiDi, we are committed to building a thriving ridesharing industry by prioritising Driver-Partner earnings, and rider satisfaction, and creating a sustainable ecosystem. 

Today, we’d like to announce an exciting change that will benefit both our valued Driver-Partners and riders: DiDi is capping its Services Fees at a maximum of 15% across Australia for the foreseeable future. 

Our Commitments

Enhancing the Ridesharing Experience:

By reducing the financial strain on Riders and Driver-Partners, we aim to improve Rider satisfaction, by ensuring you don’t overpay for ridesharing. Our belief is that by reducing the Services Fees we charge,  Riders will pay less but Driver-Partners will earn more. Ensuring Riders have access to experienced Driver-Partners who go the extra mile to deliver a great ridesharing experience.

A Win-Win for Riders and Driver-Partners:

Our decision to lower Services Fees to 15% is a testament to our unwavering commitment to fairness, transparency, and building a sustainable ridesharing platform. While Driver-Partners benefit from higher earnings, Riders can continue to enjoy affordable and reliable transportation options without shouldering the burden of increased costs. It's a true win-win scenario where both parties can reap the rewards of our customer-centric approach.

Putting Driver-Partner Earnings First:

We understand that being a Driver-Partner is no easy feat. With rising costs and economic challenges, it is crucial for Driver-Partners to receive fair earnings. That's why we are taking the bold step of reducing our Services Fees instead of increasing prices for riders. By capping our Services Fees at 15%, we ensure that our Driver-Partners can keep up to 85% of their hard-earned earnings, empowering them to thrive in the ridesharing industry.

Building a Sustainable and Equitable Ecosystem:

At DiDi, we envision a ridesharing ecosystem that is sustainable, equitable, and future-proof. By reinvesting in driver earnings, we create a virtuous cycle that promotes growth, stability, and opportunities for all stakeholders. Our commitment to reducing Service Fees aligns with our long-term vision of building a ridesharing platform where fairness and transparency prevail.

Our long-term vision:

At DiDi, we believe that a thriving ridesharing platform is built on the foundation of fair earnings for Driver-Partners and affordable rides for riders. By capping our Service Fees at 15%, we are taking a significant step towards achieving this goal.

Our commitment to driver earnings, rider satisfaction, and sustainability remains unwavering. Together, let's create a ridesharing ecosystem where everyone benefits.

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