ACT Document Requirements

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ACT Document Requirements
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ACT Document Requirements

Drivers Licence

You must have a valid Full ACT Drivers Licence with a ‘D’ (Rideshare) Condition to be eligible to drive for rideshare.

Under the regulatory requirements set out under the Road Transport (Public Passenger Services) Regulation 2002 and the Road Transport (Driver Licensing) Regulation 2000, if you intend to drive a rideshare vehicle you will have to upgrade your Driver Licence to obtain a ‘D’ condition.

If you hold another public vehicle condition on your licence, for example a 'T' or 'H' condition and want to drive for rideshare, you will still need to apply to have your driver licence upgraded to include a 'D' condition and apply for rideshare driver accreditation and a rideshare vehicle licence.

Click here to apply.

Rideshare Vehicle Licence (RVL)

You must have the Rideshare Driver Accreditation to drive for rideshare. 

You must be a registered operator of the vehicle or have the authority to apply for a vehicle licence for the vehicle if it is registered in a company name.

To apply for a Rideshare Driver Accreditation, you will need the following document -

  • A copy of one of the following documents: Overseas Passport, or Australian Passport, or Australian Birth Certificate, or Australian Citizenship Certificate, or ImmiCard.

  • A copy of a valid Working with Vulnerable People registration under the Working with Vulnerable People (Background Checking) Act 2011. For further information and to apply, please visit here

  • A commercial driver health assessment not older than 6 months – unless you have submitted one in the previous 5 years. You may book and complete a medical check with your GP. You must take the completed medical form while you visit your GP. 

  • Vehicle Inspection. You must pass and obtain an ACT roadworthy certificate for your nominated vehicle. Please note that a vehicle inspection is not required if your vehicle was manufactured less than 12 months ago. Book here >

  • Vehicle Insurance. Ensure you have a copy of your comprehensive/third party vehicle insurance for your eligible vehicle. You will need to include this when you apply for a rideshare licence.

Once you have the above documents, you can apply online for Driver and Vehicle Rideshare Licences.

Complete the online application forms available on the Access Canberra website in order to obtain a Rideshare Public Vehicle Driver Licence

(RPVDL) and a Rideshare Vehicle Licence (RVL).


A clear photo of yourself (in JPG, JPEG, PNG format, at least 200 x 200 pixels) is needed to help riders to find you.

Your photo must:

  • Match photos on your drivers licence and passport and; 

  • No hats or glasses (regular glasses and religious garments are accepted)

  • Full face and top of shoulders

  • Good Lighting and Not blurry

  • Only one person in the picture

  • Clear, unobstructed background 

  • Should be a coloured photo

Evidence of Identification

You will need to provide a primary form of ID (other than your drivers licence), such as a valid passport, travel document, Immi card, Australian or New Zealand birth certificate or citizenship certificate.

Proof of ID must meet the following requirements:

  • Show the holder is over 20 years of age 

  • Show all four corners of the document and the document is not cut off

  • Have the appropriate working rights 

Vehicle Insurance (Comprehensive or Third Party Property Insurance)

Please provide the Motor Insurance Policy. You need Third Party Property Insurance or Comprehensive Property Insurance. Please note that this is separate from your CTP for Public Liability Insurance for Rideshare with cover for at least $5,000,000. 

Vehicle Registration with upgraded Rideshare Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTPI) 

Please provide your current vehicle registration document with the upgraded Rideshare Compulsory Third Party Insurance.

Vehicle Inspection (ACT Roadworthy) 

Please provide the Vehicle Inspection Report or ACT Roadworthy Certificate for Vehicle Inspection. The document must:

  • Be complete and display all information and pages

  • Confirm that the vehicle was manufactured less than 10 years

  • Confirm that the vehicle inspection was completed within 12 months

  • Vehicle Registration Number must match the Vehicle Registration document

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