DiDi Advance Terms

In this document, “driver”, “driver-partner”, “you”, “your” and “yours” refer to the person using the DiDi Driver app/platform to provide passenger transportation services and/or delivery services (of package). “We”, “us” and “our” refer to DiDi Mobility (Australia) Pty Ltd in Australia (DiDi).DiDi Advance is a Driver Program which helps to maintain a service standard and protect DiDi’s reputation, for the mutual benefit of both DiDi and drivers including you.This document sets out the terms and conditions applicable to DiDi Advance and must be read together with the Driver Agreement. Where DiDi Advance applies, your use of the DiDi Driver App will mean that you accept and agree to these terms.If you have any questions regarding this document or any of its terms, please feel free to contact us at: help.driver@au.didiglobal.com for Australia.1. HOW DIDI ADVANCE WORKS1.1. DiDi Advance is a program which places you on a specific ‘Level’ based on your week-to-week driver metrics. Subject to the information outlined in these terms, you will have access to differing DiDi Services Fees percentages and discounted services from third parties depending on your Level.1.2. DiDi Advance consists of four (4) levels (the Levels). From highest to lowest, these levels are called:

1.3. At the beginning of each week (Monday, 12:00am) you will be assigned a new Level based on your metrics in the previous week. This Level will determine:(a) your applicable DiDi Services Fee percentage for that week (12:00am Monday – 11:59pm Sunday);(b) which discounted services you will have access to for that week. To illustrate this further, your metrics in Week 1 will determine your DiDi Services Fee percentage (and access to discounted services) for Week 2. All of the trips you complete in Week 2 will then be subject to the DiDi Services Fee percentage applicable to Week 2.For further clarification on calculating your Level, please see the flow-chart below

Driving Metrics

Your driving metrics are assessed over a one week period (12:00am Monday – 11:59pm Sunday) and determine your Level for the next week.  



Your Level determines the applicable DiDi Services Fee percentage and discounted services you can participate in.


Applicable DiDi Services Fee percentage and discounted services

The applicable DiDi Services Fee percentage and access to discounted services will be automatically applied to your DiDi Driver account.

2. PARTICIPATING IN DIDI ADVANCE2.1. We may introduce DiDi Advance in any city at any time that we determine appropriate. We will notify you if we launch DiDi Advance in your city. If your city has been selected for DiDi Advance, the program will automatically apply to all driver-partners registered in that city. If you are in a participating city but do not want to participate in DiDi Advance or refuse to agree to these terms, then you must immediately cease using the DiDi Driver App.2.2. You will not be on any Level for the first week of DiDi Advance. Subject to any promotional offers DiDi has in place, as of your second week, you will be given a level based on your metrics in your first week. 3. LEVEL3.1. How DiDi determines your Level(a) At the beginning of each week (12:00am Monday) you will be assigned a Level based on your metrics in the previous week. You will then have access to the relevant discounted services (if any) and applicable DiDi Services Fee percentage for that Level from the beginning of that week. (b) Each Level has certain requirements that you must achieve in order to reach that level. These Level requirements (called “Quests” in the DiDi Driver App) can be viewed in the DiDi Advance section of the DiDi Driver App.(c) Level requirements will be measured by the Driver Program Metrics which may include your Completion Rate, Acceptance Rate, and trip numbers in each week.3.2. Updating Level requirements (a) DiDi reserves the right to modify and update the Driver Program Metrics from time to time.(b) You will be informed of the Driver Program Metrics for the current week through the DiDi Advance section of the DiDi Driver App.(c) If there are any changes to the Driver Program Metrics, then such modifications or updates to the Driver Program Metrics will take effect at the beginning of the next week and will not affect the Level you have reached because of your metrics in the previous week. We will not modify or update the Driver Program Metrics for any week that is currently in-progress.(d) Your continued use of the DiDi Driver App after the changes take effect will mean that you have accepted and agree to the changes.3.3. Weekly Cycles(a) Your progress towards meeting Driver Program Metrics will reset at the beginning of each week when you receive your Level for that week.(b) A week for DiDi Advance ends every Sunday night at 11:59pm. The new week then begins from 12:00am Monday.3.4. Viewing your Level You can view your current Level and progress towards your next Level in the DiDi Driver App under Account > DiDi Advance.4. DIDI SERVICES FEES PERCENTAGE4.1. The DiDi Services Fees percentage applicable for DiDi Advance are set out in the DiDi Advance Driver Program as updated from time to time.5. REWARDS 5.1. Access to discounted services(a) All discounted services are made available at the discretion of DiDi, are subject to availability and may be changed or cancelled at any time.(b) Discounted services provided by third parties may require additional action by you. This may include agreeing to additional terms and/or creating an account with that third party. You will be responsible for all other costs which may be incurred in the acceptance and use of the discounted services.(c) Access to discounted services or any unused portion of the discounted services are not exchangeable or transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash.(d) DiDi is not responsible, and disclaims all liability for the products or services offered by third parties in connection with DiDi Advance.5.2. View your discounted servicesYou can view the applicable discounted services in your current Level in the DiDi Driver app under Account > DiDi Advance.6. DISCLAIMERThe DiDi Advance Driver Program and/or any of its features may be unavailable, inaccurate or interrupted from time to time. This could be for a number of reasons outside of the control of DiDi. We are not responsible for any periods of unavailability, errors, or interruptions of the program. This includes any features of the program including access to discounted services.Last update: July 2021