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We connect more than 550 million users around the world with our mobility platform, serving their needs in food delivery, mobility, financial services and more.

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DiDi Global Inc. is a leading mobility technology platform. It offers a wide range of app-based services across Asia Pacific, Latin America, and other global markets, including ride hailing, taxi hailing, designated driving, hitch and other forms of shared mobility as well as certain energy and vehicle services, food delivery, and intra-city freight services. DiDi provides car owners, drivers, and delivery partners with flexible work and income opportunities. It is committed to collaborating with policymakers, the taxi industry, the automobile industry, and the communities to solve the world’s transportation, environmental, and employment challenges through the use of AI technology and localized smart transportation innovations. DiDi strives to create better life experiences and greater social value, by building a safe, inclusive, and sustainable transportation and local services ecosystem for cities of the future.

Mission: To build a better journey. Vision, to become:

  • The world’s largest one-stop transportation platform

  • The world’s largest operator of vehicle networks

  • A global leader in smart transportation technologies

  • A global leader in the revolution in transportation and automotive technology

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