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Dear Suppliers,

First of all, thank you for your interest in DiDi. As a global company with headquarters in China, we provide one-stop services for mobility, food and FinTech business around the world. In order to better serve our growing business, we are constantly looking for capable suppliers to be our partners. One critical service we are currently sourcing suppliers for is SMS, with an estimated volume of hundreds of millions of text messages sent worldwide annually. We are seeking potential suppliers who meet the following criteria: Covers 90% of local operators (based on the market share of operators) Support HTTPS with at least TLSv1.2 or above Support MT SMS receipt. The operator's delivery status receipt must be provided Support billing information receipt Query interface performance: 1000qps+ Maximum timeout of interface: within 1 second No legal disputes over data breaches or privacy incidents within three years Enterprises can issue ISO27001/ISO27701/SOC2 qualification certification (preferred) If your company meets all the requirements above, please forward your company profile and reference customer list in a brief self-introduction email to Ms. Mandy Peng (Email: to start the business communications. We will reach out if your company fits our business needs. Languages Required: English Thank you and we look forward to receiving your profile!

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