Free ride on DiDiDAY

In Auckland you can enjoy a free ride (up to $15) on DiDiDAYS. DiDiDAYs run for 24 hours on Saturdays, so you have to get in quick! To see if you qualify, open your DiDi-Rider app and redeem the code DiDiDAYS.

How it works

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Redeem the DIDIDAYS code

Open the DiDi app and head to the left side menu > ‘Promotions’ and enter DIDIDAYS....
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Make sure your account’s all set

Before you head off, make sure your account’s all set up – this includes your Payment! DiDi is cashless, so you can head out with one less worry....
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Enjoy your free ride

Take a ride during DiDiDAY....
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Getting Ride Vouchers

Redeem the code DiDiDAYS to get a $15 ride voucher. To check out your voucher, open your DiDi-Rider app, head to the left side menu > ‘Promotions’ > ‘My Vouchers’.

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DiDi Driver

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