DiDi Advance Insurance

Ensure you’re covered for collision and liability while your vehicle is used for rideshare. Try ShareCover’s fast, flexible and affordable insurance with up to 10% off.

DiDi Advance Insurance

Our Offer

10% off full time cover + 5% off part-time cover + Friendly service + Exclusive to DiDi Advance driver-partners

How to redeem

1. Request for a quote via the DiDi Advance section of your DiDi Driver app 2. Tap on the Insurance discount page to request for a quote with your discount 3. Share Cover friendly staff will be in touch to coordinate and finalise your insurance cover

See the DiDi Driver app for full terms and conditions

Exclusive Discounts & Benefits

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DiDi Advance

Free access to a program that rewards the most committed drivers with lower services fee and bonus perks. Available in participating cities only.

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