SA Document Requirements

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SA Document Requirements
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SA Document Requirements

Drivers Licence

You need to have a full, unrestricted drivers licence in SA to provide rideshare services. 

Drivers Licence must meet the following requirements:

  • An unrestricted, full SA licence held for 6 months

  • Hold an unrestricted South Australia Drivers Licence and have held a full Australian Licence for at least 6 months in the last 2 years

  • Current address is printed or updated on the licence via a Change of Address sticker


A clear photo of yourself (in JPG, JPEG, PNG format, at least 200 x 200 pixels) is needed to help riders to find you.

Your photo must:

  • Match photos on your drivers licence and passport and; 

  • No hats or glasses (regular glasses and religious garments are accepted)

  • Full face and top of shoulders

  • Good Lighting and Not blurry

  • Only one person in the picture

  • Clear, unobstructed background 

  • Should be a coloured photo

Evidence of Identification

You will need to provide a primary form of ID (other than your drivers licence), such as a valid passport, travel document, Immi card, Australian or New Zealand birth certificate or citizenship certificate.

Proof of ID must meet the following requirements:

  • Show the holder is over 20 years of age 

  • Show all four corners of the document and the document is not cut off

  • Have the appropriate working rights 

Small Passenger Driver Accreditation (SP DA)

The South Australian Government requires all drivers to hold a Driver Accreditation. The Driver Accreditation is a routine authorisation that permits the driver to complete ridesharing services in SA. You will need to submit proof of your DA as part of your application.

Before applying for Driver Accreditation, you must:

  • Get a Working with Children Check (WWCC). To get a WWCC, you must apply to the Department of Human Services (DHS) online via the DCSI Portal. 

Once the application is started in the DCSI Portal, they will send you an email to activate your account. Once the check is finished you will receive an email and a letter from DCSI with the check result (10-30 business days).

If you want to contact DCSI to check the status of your WWCC, you can:

  • Call 1300 321 592

  • Email

  • Visit the DCSI’s online contact page here.

  • Get a Certificate of Fitness (CoF) for heavy vehicle and commercial drivers (Form MR713). You can get this certificate by visiting a General Practitioner (GP). 

  • While waiting for the above documents, we will also suggest getting your Vehicle Inspected. You must get your vehicle inspected by a Government Accredited Inspection Station. Rideshare Inspections are provided by Rightway Automotive (You can contact them at 08 8340 7233) or RAA (You can contact them at 8202 4688).

After all the above is completed, you can visit the Accreditation and Licencing Centre at 71 Richmond Rd, Mile End to apply for a Small Passenger Driver Accreditation. 

When getting your DA, you must also ask for your Vehicle’s CTP Insurance premium to be upgraded to “Small Public Passenger Vehicle.” 

You must bring the following with you when you visit the Accreditation and Licensing Centre -

  • Passport

  • Certificate of Fitness

  • Proof of vehicle Inspection (if you have one)

  • Certificate of Currency for your car insurance policy

  • Printouts of screenshots of your Rideshare profile and vehicle pages from your App

Operator Accreditation

An operator accreditation is required by any person responsible for the operation of rideshare services in South Australia. To complete ridesharing services with DiDi in Adelaide, you will need to apply for or update your Operator Accreditation.

OA must meet the following requirements:

  • Valid with expiry in future

  • Registered vehicles are within the age limit of 8 years

Head to the link here to read the full details about the application process for your Operator Accreditation. 

To apply for Operator Accreditation, you must complete the application for operator accreditation form and submit with a plan of operation. You will not be required to supply a new National Criminal History Check if you hold current Driver Accreditation. 

If you do not have current Driver Accreditation, you must also provide the National Criminal History Check (Please note that the certificates older than three months from the issue date will not be accepted). 

Application for Operator Accreditation >

Vehicle Insurance  (Comprehensive or Third Party Property Insurance)

We accept Policy Certificates, Policy Schedules, Certificate of Insurance, Certificate of Currency for a minimum of Third Party Property Damage, or Comprehensive Insurance for the vehicle(s) you will use to drive for ridesharing. 

Please note that this is an extra insurance cover on top of your upgraded CTP Insurance.

Vehicle insurance must meet the following requirements:

  • Be current (not expired)

  • Must be manufactured within 8 years

  • You must be an insured/listed driver on the policy

  • Be comprehensive or third party property damage and insured for ridesharing

  • Clearly display the vehicle details including licence plate, make, model and year

Vehicle Inspection

You will need to submit proof of a successful vehicle inspection that has been completed within the last 12 months. The vehicle inspection will be an ongoing requirement in Adelaide, and must be completed on an annual basis.

Check all lights are working (brake lights, indicators, headlights), and ensure that your vehicle has no body damage, tyres are in very good condition and vehicle is clean inside and out.

Vehicle inspection report must meet the following requirements:

  • Show a pass result

  • Must be manufactured within 8 years

  • Clearly display the vehicle details, including licence plate, make, model, year and seat number

  • If the report is not available due to being a brand new vehicle, you will need an exemption letter

You can book your government accredited vehicle inspections from Rightway Automotive (You can contact them at 08 8340 7233) or RAA (You can contact them at  8202 4688).

Vehicle Registration with Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTP) Upgrade

You will need to upgrade your compulsory third party insurance to the correct insurance class (class 48, 98, 7 or 58). The CTP insurance is what the government provides through your vehicle registration. Your vehicle must be registered in SA and be registered at all times.

You may visit the Accreditation and Licensing Centre (ALC) to upgrade your Insurance class. You must bring the following document while you visit ALC -

  • Government-accredited vehicle inspection document

  • Certificate of Currency for your vehicle insurance policy

Vehicle Registration must meet the following requirements:

  • Be current (not expired)

  • Must be manufactured within 8 years

  • Be in the classes 48, 98, 7 or 58

  • Clearly display the vehicle make, model and year

  • Match the vehicle listed in the vehicle insurance and inspection 

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