New DiDi Travel | Negotiate Your Fare

Introducing DiDi Travel. Long distance rides for less!

New DiDi Travel | Negotiate Your Fare
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New DiDi Travel Feature

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Negotiate Your Fare!

We’re excited to announce that we’re trialling a new DiDi Travel feature - giving you the flexibility to choose your trips.

You’ll receive all Travel trip requests the same way you receive Express requests. However, you can also find Travel requests in the Trip Centre.

If you’re interested, offer your fare and “bid” according to the Base Fare set by the app. You can bid higher or lower, the choice is yours. Riders can then pick their driver based on what best suits them. It’s a win-win!

With this new feature, offer what you want to earn and enjoy a low 10% Services Fee. This means higher earnings for successful bids with DiDi Travel!

Find out more about it below.

How it Works

1. Browse Trips

Check out trips as they pop up, or head to the ‘Trip Centre’ page in the DiDi Driver app and browse all available trip requests there.

2. Offer your Fare

Select a request and make a bid using the Base Fare provided by the app.

3. Wait for your Rider

The rider will consider your offer against other drivers and choose which suits them best. The rider can decide based on price, estimated arrival time, Star Rating, vehicle type etc. While you wait, you can browse (but not accept) other DiDi Travel trips.

4. Wait for your Rider

Once a rider accepts your offer, the trip will start as usual.

As per the Driver Agreement, please ensure you interact with the Driver App when it is legal and safe to do so.

Why you’ll love this feature

  • Freedom and flexibility to choose your trips

  • Offer what you want to earn

  • Low 10% Services Fee

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is this new feature?

With this new feature, drivers have the flexibility to decide how much they’re willing to offer for a fare. Drivers will receive these requests the same way they receive Express requests, or they can view all available trip requests via the Trip Centre in the app and make an offer on trips they’re interested in.

2. How do I receive Travel requests?

For now, we’re trialling DiDi Travel in certain cities where we think it will help riders and drivers match more often than they are now. Only drivers registered in participating cities will have access to these trips. If you’re eligible, you’ll receive DiDi Travel requests the same way you receive Express requests, or you can head to the ‘Trip Centre’ page in the DiDi Driver app and browse all available trip requests there.

3. How do I accept Travel trips?

You’ll receive Travel requests just like Express. Additionally, you can view Travel trips through the ‘Trip Centre’. To get there, simply tap the ‘Trip Centre’ icon to view a list of available trip requests. Then simply make an offer on a trip, or ignore the requests you don’t want to accept. Once the rider has accepted your offer, the trip will proceed as usual.

4. Why is the base fare for Travel so low?

While the Base Fare for DiDi Travel is provided by us, the final fare is agreed upon by riders and drivers. Base Fares are a starting point, and drivers can offer a higher or lower price as they think appropriate.

5. Why wasn't the trip assigned to me?

Riders have the freedom to choose their driver based on their needs. They can make their decision based on the driver’s proposed offer, estimated time of arrival, Star Rating or vehicle type. If a trip isn’t assigned to you, it means the rider has chosen another driver’s bid.

6. Does DiDi Travel affect my Acceptance Rate (AR) or Completion Rate (CR)?

Ignoring a Travel request from the Trip Centre in your DiDi Driver app will not affect your AR. However, if you cancel a trip after accepting, your CR will be affected as normal.

7. How can I tell if a trip is a DiDi Travel trip?

When a DiDi Travel trip pops up, you’ll notice there are multiple fare options to offer the rider, this makes DiDi Travel requests easily identifiable.

8. When can I receive DiDi Travel trips?

DiDi Travel is available 24/7.

9. How do Cancellation Fees work for Travel?

Our Cancellation Policy is the same for DiDi Travel as our other services. We’ve got Cancellations Fees in place to keep things fair for all users. Keep in mind that each city has its own cancellation rules. For details, please visit our Cancellation Policy available in the DiDi Driver app.

10. Will my account be affected if a rider does not accept my offer?

No, if a rider accepts another offer, your account will not be affected.

11. Why don’t I receive any trip requests while I'm waiting for a rider to accept an offer?

While an offer is pending, you won’t receive any other trip requests. In the Trip Centre, you’ll only be able to view, but not select other Travel requests.

12. The trip took longer than expected due to unforeseen circumstances, why was the fare not adjusted?

The final fare will be the same as the amount agreed upon by the rider and driver before the trip starts. The trip fare will not be adjusted under any

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